Alcotest / Breathalyzer iPhone Gadget

The improved alcohol test Breathalyzer for the iPhone ™: easy, self-explanatory and built as a practical key chain. Does not require separate batteries but is powered by the iPhone ™.

New Features:

  • color support of the measurement results and vote on the German alcohol limits:
    • green to less than 0.3 per thousand
    • orange from 0.3 to 0.5 per thousand
    • red from 0.5 per thousand
  • Scaling in parts per thousand instead of percentage for easier readability
  • Now as a keychain always present
  • Improved alcohol sensor


The result of Alkotesters should be understood purely for information purposes and only as a rough estimate, without any warranty. It is not legally binding, nor can it be used in court. The safest thing is to avoid drinking and driving completely! For the correctness of the results of the alcohol tests, neither manufacturers nor any dealer should be held liable

Conditions for resellers from 50 pieces on request, private branding from 1000 pieces possible.

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.
Alcotest / Breathalyzer iPhone Gadget

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Alcotest / Breathalyzer iPhone Gadget Alcotest / Breathalyzer iPhone Gadget Alcotest / Breathalyzer iPhone Gadget

Color of your iPhone Alcotest:
The iPhone Alcotest is available in black or white.

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